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Was The Last Dev. Server I.T. Gave You A Door Stop? Then You Need Our APP:Host Oracle VM DevOps!

by Jeff Rhys-Jones on 14 July 2016 14:12pm : 1998

Introducing APP:Host Oracle VM For DevOps!

Here at ACC Yotta we host, service, manage and supply a vast array of product, and they all have something in common: they are all awesome. For us to get to like a product *that* much, its import that it’s affordable, highly reliable, and easy to manage. We are also obsessed with scalability, but when handling a sales enquiry this week, we realised there was a bit of a ‘hole’ in our APP:Host hosting offering in that some people don’t actually want scalability. So we created a brand new offering: Oracle VM Hosting DevOps – VM hosting, exclusively for developers.

The ‘A’ in our name stands for ‘Application’ so we don’t need reminding that to get the best out of developers, they need to provided with great kit to work on. So when a developer asks I.T. for an Oracle VM test server, and they come back with a washing machine sized, dust covered monolith sporting a tell-tale 3.5” floppy drive - he knows his challenge will immediately switch from building an application, to a server reconstruction mission MacGyver would be proud of. First task, eject stuck floppy disk. What to use? Of course… safety pin!

If you would rather just get coding on a pristine Oracle VM platform, we have something that might be of interest.

As an Oracle Gold Partner, the Oracle VM solutions we deliver typically involve multiple Oracle Sun ‘X’ Servers, high speed networking and tiered clustered storage. But if your task is to get on to the Oracle VM platform, simply in order to test applications on it, or perhaps create Oracle VM Assemblies or VM Templates, then you don’t need costly Enterprise H/A infrastructure. All you need, actually, is a single dedicated server - still an awesome one however, so it needs to be affordable, reliable and easy to manage. With no cost for Oracle VM itself, we can provide dedicated bare metal Oracle VM DevOps servers from as little as £150/month, on a rolling month to month basis, and with no setup fee. 

To read more about our new APP:Host Oracle VM DevOps solution be sure to check out our APP:Host Oracle VM Hosting page.


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