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An organisation that delivers bench tested, performance proven solutions to customers who require a highly responsive IT partner with a sharp application focus.

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Our APP:Host developer centric hosting solution solves the problem of applying O/S patches or application code updates blind on production servers. As most of our hosting packages come with staging servers included, your team can confidently perform all updates first in staging, and gain full confidence that later production deployments will go completely smoothly

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Double-Take's H/A Journey: Highly Available To Highly Acquirable!

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Whether it’s finance, aerospace, retail or entertainment, we understand your operational challenges and requirements and adapt to suit. You will find our approach creative and highly responsive; we have all the answers you need.

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We love testing products, but it's important we test the vendors behind them too. Only when we are completely satisfied with a vendor's support, & supply chain will consider adding a product to our solution portfolio.

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"As a large organisation involved in Aerospace and Defence, unfortunately we can’t provide detail on exactly what ACC did for us (for obvious reasons!) but what we can say, is that they passed all our stringent supplier requirements and security checks, operated with utmost integrity and professionalism, and we were very happy with the results of their work."

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Labinal Power Systems

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"We have used ACC as an IT solution provider since 2013 and we are more than satisfied with the solutions they have provided us. We have always found ACCs work to be of an extremely high standard."

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Schroders / Cazenove C.I.

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