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Based in Houston, Texas, R1Soft is recognized as the leading commercial backup software for Web hosting providers. Known as the fastest, most scalable server backup software for both Windows and Linux platforms in private and public clouds, R1Soft’s Server Backup Manager (SBM) is deployed by 1,800 service providers to protect nearly 250,000 servers worldwide.

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There is something about backup software which brings out the very worst in people. Everyone knows about the jumbo jet grave yard in the Californian desert, well, it’s almost as if retired / failed software developers all end up in the same equally desolate and inhospitable place too – in backup software. Most of the packages we have come across have confusing & unintuitive UIs, an almost mystical ability to randomly stop working without telling you, and when there are issues, getting support is not just going to ruin your morning, but possibly involve an entire week in having to go on a wild log file hunt.

We don’t have time for any of that – we have serious work to do.

If you need a bulletproof and reliable backup product, easily configured via a web interface, which runs on equally reliable linux servers, then R1 Soft's not so widely known ‘Enterprise Server Backup’ is our recommendation for anyone who not only has a lot of Linux and Windows servers to protect, but also has a phobia of awfully designed backup software!

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