ACC Yotta Testimonials

Legal & Finance Testimonial

You will find ACC working for some of the world's most well known brands, and big projects too. In finance, none come much more widely known and respected as Schroders:

“We have used ACC as an IT solution provider since 2013 and we are more than satisfied with the solutions they have provided us.  We have always found ACCs work to be of an extremely high standard."

Schroders / Cazenove C.I.

Aerospace and Defence Testimonial

Labinal Power Systems, a global leader in aeronautical power and electrical systems.

"As a large organisation involved in Aerospace and Defence, unfortunately we can’t provide detail on exactly what ACC did for us (for obvious reasons!) but what we can say, is that they passed all our stringent supplier requirements and security checks, operated with upmost integrity and professionalism, and we were very happy with the results of their work."

Retail Testimonial

Sugar Ray's is the UK's leading boxing store, that supplies a large range of boxing and fitness equipment nationwide at great prices. 

"The transformation in service was immediate, and true to their word they ‘owned’ all our major problems and solved them, one by one. ACC fixed one serious performance problem that had been lurking, and hurting us for years. They also took over the relationship with our shopping cart vendors developers, in co-ordinating security patches, general upgrades and the occasional support issue. "

Hospitality and Events Testimonial

Vision Nine create and curate events that build social, cultural and lifestyle value.

"ACC’s APP:Host Expression Engine hosting solution provides our online operations with the best performance that we could possibly hope for. This is a critical requirement for the business, due to a surging traffic profile – with huge usage spikes generated from popular, time sensitive announcements, commonly amplified many times over by social media activity.

Our business is events, and ACC are always proactive in making sure they are on top of what is going on when. When Hurricane / Tropical Storm Bertha brought an early end to our Boardmasters 2014 event, our events website was exposed to not just national, but huge international TV coverage. ACC’s hosting solution soaked up all of this load without breaking a sweat, and ensured the website was fully accessible to festival goers, enabling us to broadcast official event information in what was a very serious situation.

Aside from great performance, their ability to seamlessly work with our development team is an incredibly valuable quality – something we have never before experienced from a hosting provider."