Helping to reduce our clients Oracle licensing by £200,000!


Aerospace & Defence IT

ACC have been working in this sector for over three years, so compared to other areas of knowledge, this is relatively recent. Our first task for one large international organisation was to significantly reduce the Oracle licensing exposure with the deployment of Oracle hypervisors. ACC were the first Oracle Gold Partner in the UK to achieve the coveted 'Specialist' status for Oracle VM, this made us the natural choice for selection.  Our work helped to reduce their Oracle Database licensing costs by over £200,000, and approximately double this amount again in legal fees by avoiding any licensing disputes for running Oracle software on non Oracle VM infrastructure.

IT teams we have found to generally be smaller than in most sectors and as such again there is a drive towards buying products which are easier to manage / self manageable rather than go with perhaps more well known brands such as Cisco which might perhaps require a Cisco expert to come on site. 

Security is obviously paramount, and there is a separate discussion of our expertise and approach over in our Networking And Security section of this website. In addition to security, the other major challenge in this sector is the massive amount of accessible storage needed to run operations, due to the substantial amount of CAD plans, photos, design documentation which are required – all of which needs to be backed up securely, with live data migrated from SANs to archive systems. Our new Clustered Object Storage solution is an ideal product for this sector, enabling ‘cloud’ like data capacity, whilst at the same time offering the security of having all data in house and therefore completely secure and ‘touchable’. 

(But Don't Just Take Our Word For It...)

Labinal Power Systems

"As a large organisation involved in Aerospace and Defence, unfortunately we can’t provide detail on exactly what ACC did for us (for obvious reasons!) but what we can say, is that they passed all our stringent supplier requirements and security checks, operated with upmost integrity and professionalism, and we were very happy with the results of their work."

About Labinal Power Systems

Labinal Power Systems, a global leader in aeronautical power and electrical systems.

At the heart of the design and production of aeronautical electrical systems, Labinal Power Systems is an expert in the entire onboard electrical power chain, and the active representative of Safran in the area of the "more electric" aircraft.

Design, generation, distribution, conversion, wiring, load management, ventilation, systems integration, support and services: Labinal Power Systems is an expert in the entire energy chain on board of an aircraft. The maturity of each of our products and our complete expertise in electrical systems, including wiring, make it a unique player in the market. This combination enables it to provide optimized, innovative and made-to-measure solutions for every client. Labinal Power Systems currently has unique leverage when it comes to meeting the challenges of safety and increased mass on aircraft.

Labinal Power Systems is also the European leader and one of the two world leaders in aeronautical electrical systems. It is a first class partner for several aircraft manufacturers.