ACC Yotta: Our Story

About ACC Yotta

The origins of ACC date back to May of 1989 when it was founded a as a research consultancy. In 2008, the online technology research division was created, and immediately set about creating innovative, power efficient application hosting infrastructure solutions - some of which operated under the brand 'YottaServe'. The hosting side of the business fast grew a reputation for providing extremely low energy use solutions and used the mantra 'Hosting Without The Toasting' to convey impressive multiple server setups which used a fraction of the energy of traditionally 'accepted' solutions. Key expertise was in boot from SAN infrastructure, ultra low power switch and server hardware, topped with the first boot from SAN deployment of Zeus ZXTM, an advanced traffic management / Application Delivery Controller solution which was proven to reduce additional power draw by the offloading of SSL and CPU load from back end servers by way of custom dynamic caching rules.

Central to our success is our habit of working extremely closely with our select vendors,  and on numerous occasions our valuable product testing and feedback have resulted in numerous product updates and enhancements which have gone on to make a far more competitive offerings for our vendors. So we're not simply about selling product, we understand that it's a two way relationship to get a product to successfully evolve.

In 2014 we updated our company name to better reflect our core operating area: Application Centric Computing Limited, but made sure to retain our popular ACC logo as this was now an established and recognised brand in the industry. 

Tower Of London Event

October 2015 saw us run a major industry event, an extremely well attended and received event at the Tower Of London, showcasing solutions from two of our most popular vendors, Spectra Logic and Scale Computing. More events are planned at this historic and fantastic venue so stay tuned.

(Right: Adam Rix talks about Spectra Logics BlackPearl Solution at ACC's Tower Of London Event, October 2015)


Up To Date

We decided to tweak our online brand by updating our main domain, social media handles to ACC Yotta, which we feel not only greatly simplified our online presence but also is a great 'homage' to our roots in hosting and designing high performance, immensely scalable and low energy server infrastructures.

For more about what we do these days, we'd like to invite you to spend a little time on this website on areas of interest which hopefully should give you a better idea. 

Err - So What Does 'Yotta' Actually Mean?

We're glad you asked!

1 YottaByte = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes

Or to put it another way: 1 trillion terabytes

How much would a 1 Yottabyte hard disk cost you? Well there is a great item over at Gizmodo about just right here