Grant instant time limited Local Admin rights

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Rather than denying Local Admin rights all together, many organisations have decided to opt for a more pragmatic solution allowing users (especially those at remote sites or home workers) to be local administrators and let User Account Control (UAC) handle it. Although UAC along with protective software does prevent most viruses, malware and ransomware being installed, attacks happen anyway.  Admin By Request can help!

Admin By Request: Our Review...

Simple to set up and completely infrastructure free, we think Admin By Request is a brilliant little product that could greatly enhance the security of your organisations network whilst enhancing the productivity of both your I.T. team & office staff alike. Admin By Request first removes Local Admin rights from non privileged users, and then provides the IT manage with a centralised management & auditing platform for the issuing of user Local Admin requests - but for a limited time only. This innovative solution works across multiple sites (be they remote offices or even home workers) for those using desktops, or servers. Admin By Request enables IT to empower and control their users (or their contractors) Local Admin elevation requests, so they can perform those annoying routine, trusted tasks that are free from risk – but expensive with your time. 



With Admin By Request I.T. administrators can instantly grant time limited elevated Local Admin access to any standard domain user that needs it.



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You will get a personal trial Admin By Request web inventory login and Admin By Request client to install on your test computer. This set up will be fully functional for 7 days.

A Brief Product Overview

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Inventory And Auditing

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