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The problem most companies are still facing is that users need to be local administrators, typically to install software or to run legacy applications. To totally avoid this need, IT would have to script every piece of software any user may need - or alternatively, IT would have to manually install software for all users. Both are extremely time consuming and therefore the pragmatic solution is often to let users be local administrators and let User Account Control (UAC) handle it. Although UAC along with protective software does prevent most viruses, malware and ransomware being installed, attacks happen anyway.  Admin By Request can help!

Admin By Request: Our Review...

Simple to set up and completely infrastructure free, we think Admin By Request is a brilliant little product that could greatly enhance the security of your network whilst enhancing the productivity of both your I.T. team & office staff alike. Admin By Request empowers the I.T. manager to effortlessly grant temporary Local Admin rights to both desktop and server users, enabling them to perform those annoying routine, trusted tasks that are free from risk – but expensive with your time. 

With Admin By Request I.T. administrators can instantly grant time limited elevated Local Admin access to any standard domain user that needs it.

A Brief Product Overview

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Inventory And Auditing

Know who has which computer, where it is in the world, who has what installed, who is low on disk and TeamViewer ID of all computers for remote assistance. READ MORE

On Premises Policies

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