Our recommended Backup and Archiving Products

Backup and Archiving Products


Carbonite Endpoint

Protect your distributed workforce with enterprise-grade backup and archiving READ MORE

Carbonite Recover

Carbonite Recover ensures that an up-to-date secondary copy is available for failover at any moment, minimizing downtime as well as costs. Carbonite Recover keeps systems online and accessible no matter what happens at the source. READ MORE

Carbonite Server Backup

Flexible data protection for your entire IT environment. A secure and easy-to-use backup and recovery solution that provides multiple layers of data protection. READ MORE

Carbonite Server Backup VM

Protection and management for multiple large and small VM deployments. READ MORE

R1 Soft

R1Soft Server Backup Manager

R1Soft : The no nonsense, mass server continuous backup solution which just works READ MORE

Spectra Logic

Spectra Logic ArcticBlue

ArcticBlue leverages BlackPearl’s hybrid storage architecture and Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) media, creating the first object storage based disk platform that delivers maximum longevity, efficiency, and cost effectiveness with the performance READ MORE

Spectra Logic BlackPearl

To meet the demands of extreme data growth and long-term retention, the Spectra BlackPearl™ Deep Storage Gateway enables users to easily store massive data forever at virtually no cost. READ MORE

Spectra Logic T120

SPECTRA LOGIC: The T120 scales from 30 slots up to 120, providing a maximum storage capacity of 750 TB of compressed data with LTO-6 media. READ MORE

Spectra Logic T380 Tape Library

Spectra Logic T380 Tape Library: transfers the components in your existing library and puts them into a larger chassis. Upgrading is also EASY and FAST—you can switch between models in less than half a day. READ MORE

Spectra Logic T50e Tape Library

Spectra Logic T50e Tape Library offers you advanced LTO technology, powerful library management, increased security through our integrated BlueScale® Encryption, plus a range of support options to suit your needs. READ MORE

Spectra Logic Verde Disk Back Up

Spectra Logic Verde Disk Back Up: affordable secondary storage with simple installation, an intuitive user interface for effortless management, and architecture that assures the highest level of data integrity. Verde will meet your long-term archive READ MORE