Spectra Logic BlackPearl

Spectra Logic BlackPearl Overview

To meet the demands of extreme data growth and long-term retention, the Spectra BlackPearl™ Deep Storage Gateway enables users to easily store massive data forever at virtually no cost. Designed for organizations where data is a significant part of their operations, BlackPearl allows data to move seamlessly into mass tape storage in a way not previously possible.

BlackPearl enables users to deploy a tier of deep storage that is cost effective, easy to manage and scalable to Exabytes of data. With BlackPearl’s simple RESTful Spectra S3 interface and embedded tape management software, organizations will confidently store all of their data forever at costs as low as pennies per Gigabyte.

Why Spectra Logic Black Pearl?

Lowest costBlackPearl takes advantage of tape's low cost, economically scaling to Exabyte capacities. It also promotes reductions in OPEX related expenditure by leveraging Spectra tape library environmental benefits of high-density footprints and low power consumption. New cloud based deep storage architecture of BlackPearl delivers lower upfront and ongoing costs of storage.
Minimal software costsIntegrating BlackPearl requires minimal software acquisition costs to attach deep storage into your environment by leveraging software clients based upon RESTful interfaces. Users can develop their own clients for the Spectra S3 interface or access a library of existing software clients available through the Spectra Software Developer program.
Control InformationDeep storage is the ultimate resting place for all data, and with BlackPearl there is no need to continually move data to another storage platform. BlackPearl minimizes the time spent moving data, allowing users to target objects for deep storage. With BlackPearl, users do not need any previous experience with tape library systems. BlackPearl handles how data is written to tape and also the tape library inventory, robotic commands and other aspects of how the library stores the data.
Reduce ComplexitiesBy leveraging the Spectra S3 interface, BlackPearl unlocks tape's true calling. BlackPearl takes user defined buckets, caches the buckets on high speed SSD storage and determines the best method to write it to tape for greatest system performance. To ensure perpetuity and ease of access for your data, the BlackPearl system writes data on tape in the open LTFS format to ensure you will always have access to it.
Ensured IntegritySpectra tape libraries provide a powerful set of tools that allow for data integrity verification and notifications of media, drive, library status and health. BlackPearl also offers extended data security through Spectra's AES 256-encryption offerings.
Deep Storage InterfaceThe first RESTful interface to tape, Spectra S3 provides BlackPearl and client interaction via REST, allowing you to move large data sets easily to and from deep storage. The user only moves data through the client while BlackPearl handles all interaction with the tape library. There are many Spectra S3 clients that have been built by Spectra, our partners and our customers. Learn how to get started building Spectra S3 applications.

Spectra Logic BlackPearl Specifications

Sustained to tape800 MBps
Burst to cache1000 MBps
Height4U - 178mm (7 inch)
Width437mm (17.2 inch)
Depth699mm (27.5 inch)
Weight104 lbs. (47.2kg)
Power ConsumptionMax Operating Watts
AC Input100-140v, 12-8A, 50-60Hz1000
180-240V, 8-6A, 50-60Hz1280
Host1x Dual Port 40 GigE HBA
TapeDual Port 8Gb FibreChannel (LC) HBA or QuadPort SAS HD (SFF-8644) HBA