Brocade: ZXTM, Stingray, SteelAPP, vTM. The Best Traffic Manager By Any Name....

Brocade: They Say...

Define your ideal network. Think beyond fast, cost-effective, and reliable. Think about proven technology and eye-opening innovation. And an infrastructure that’s designed for agile response and open to the developments of vendors and technical communities worldwide. Now you’re thinking about Brocade.

We’re the undisputed frontrunner in storage networking, and we’re leading the evolution to the New IP. Join us. Think big. Start now.

Brocade: Our Review...

Brocade is a company more widely known for their high performance Fibre Channel SAN networking products. Our paths never crossed due to our more intense focus on iSCSI solutions, however last year we found ourselves rather forcibly thrown together thanks to their recent acquisition of Riverbeds SteelApp product.

Brocade is moving more into the application space, with major emphasis on Software Defined Networking (SDN) solutions right through their product offerings. Certainly if you are needing to control & managing traffic to applications – we could think of no better product to do this than their new baby, the Virtual Traffic Manager or vTM.

Having been involved with the product since it was first on the market as ZXTM from ZEUS, acquired by Riverbed and called Stingray, later changed again to ‘SteelAPP’ and now vTM with Brocade. The name changing is confusing and unfortunate but quite frankly the product is so insanely good they could call it Gerald and we still not accept any other product to preside over our own APPHOST Application Hosting Solution.

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