Brocade Services Director

Brocade Services Director

How it works

The Brocade Services Director lets you automatically provision, deploy, license, meter and manage the inventory of thousands of ADCs in an "as-a-service" model, using the Brocade Virtual Traffioc Manager as the core application delivery platform. The solution also enables a new consumtion model for customers deploying ADC services. This allows ADC services to be scaled elastically and be right-sized on demand to suit each application in your data center, offering high density, full isolation, and multi-tenancy capabilities.

A New Approach to Application Delivery with the Brocade

Applications are now the center of the business world. We rely on them to reach customers, build products, automate back-end business processes, and perform almost every task critical to business. A key ingredient for fast, reliable applications is the Application Delivery Controller (ADC). It accelerates transactions, maximizes availability, maintains security policies, and provides a point of control to monitor and manage application traffic. However, most ADCs on the market today are not designed for large-scale virtual or cloud deployments: their static architectures make them cumbersome and time-consuming to deploy and manage in virtualized and cloud environments.

There is a need for new dynamic architectures that remove bottlenecks and deliver improved agility, high automation levels and faster time to service. At Brocade, we call this new architecture ADC as-a-Service (ADCaaS), which enables you to:

  • Cut down provisioning time for ADC services from weeks to minutes
  • Provide better user experience with per-application tuning and multi-tenancy
  • Deliver better security and performance through isolation and scale
  • Right-size your ADCs and save up to 50% in costs, compared to fixed-capacity ADC instances