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Vision Solutions is the premier provider of IT software solutions designed to protect data and minimize downtime for the modern data center. Vision Solutions are the only company to deliver migrations, high availability, disaster recovery, and data sharing – across multiple operating systems, on any storage platform and in any combination of physical, virtual, or cloud-based servers.

Vision Solutions: Our Review...

Our introduction to DoubleTake was slightly accidental as it came from their acquisition of EMBoot – makers of rather fine boot from SAN software which is sadly no longer maintained today. The acquisition introduced us to DoubleTake's core product, and not long after they themselves were acquired by Vision Solutions.

Two stand out products we are very keen on here at ACC are DoubleTake Availability and DoubleTake Move. Move is very well known now in IT circles as being an extremely good solution for migrating servers around between different platforms, so any combination of P or V – Move will do the job and thanks to it’s ability to continue to replication during the migration, it ensures that any downtime involved in the migration is kept to a bare minimum, usually minutes. DoubleTake Availability is a tried and tested fail-over source to target solution which performs byte level replication on the fly as well as offering a number of other add-ons which you can read about in the product section.

ACC are signed up to DoubleTakes SPLA (Service Provider License Agreement) so we are able to rent customers Availability licenses on a month to month basis for a cost all inclusive of support and subscription.



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Double-Take Move: Migration Made Easy

Double-Take® Move™ allows you to migrate physical, virtual, and cloud server workloads in real-time over any distance. Maintain your productivity with technology that virtually eliminates risk and downtime during migrations. READ MORE