IT for Legal & Finance


IT for Legal & Finance

It should be of no surprise that in the Legal and Finance sector, the top priority is IT security closely followed by backup & archiving, next would be reporting for compliance duties and system monitoring after this. 

The aim here is to provide solutions that over deliver. but at the same time easy to learn and manage. A great example is firewall vendor PaloAlto Networks - who's offering provides extremely rich & automated reporting that reduces the overhead of writing and filing compliance documentation on a daily basis. Another extremely important requirement vendor capability for what we term as ‘extreme support’. The ideal device is one which will ‘phone home’ when issues arise. IT staff will therefore get phone calls from us / the vendor, and commonly see a resolution, even before they are aware the problem existed.

Reducing the amount of time spent on these important core requirements significantly frees up time for IT staff to devote to the traditional duties of platform architecture such as storage, VM and traffic management.

In this sector too, we certainly see a rise in popularity for products that offer simplification and ‘de-complexification', cutting down on the amount of systems stress & clutter, making for more streamlined and efficient infrastructures.

(But Don't Just Take Our Word For It....)

You will find ACC working for some of the world's most well known brands, and big projects too. In finance, none come much more widely known and respected as Schroders:

“We have used ACC as an IT solution provider since 2013 and we are more than satisfied with the solutions they have provided us.  We have always found ACCs work to be of an extremely high standard."

Schroders / Cazenove C.I.

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