PulseSecure: An introduction

Put simply, PulseSecure as a company, is 100% focused on delivering secure access solutions for people, devices, things and services. For years, enterprises of every size and industry have been trusting their integrated virtual private network, network access control and mobile security solutions to enable secure access seamlessly in their organizations.

Every single day, PulseSecure's global team are innovating their products to ensure that you can dramatically boost your workers' productivity, make a smooth and secure transition to the Cloud and ensure that your networks are protected without a burden on IT.

They are solving the world's enterprise mobility problems by creating solutions that change the way people think about and use their enterprise devices securely.

In August 2017, Pulse Secure strengthened its leadership position in Secure Access Solutions by acquiring Brocade's virtual Application Delivery Controller business to provide fast, reliable application delivery across virtual and cloud platforms at massive scale.

PulseSecure Products

Traffic Management

PulseSecure Services Director

Applications are now the center of the business world. We rely on them to reach customers, build products, automate backend business processes, and perform almost every task critical to business READ MORE

PulseSecure Virtual Traffic Manager

As application environments become more complex, more distributed, and more virtualized, enterprises need a broader set of tools to solve performance problems for their web-based services. READ MORE