PulseSecure Virtual Traffic Manager

PulseSecure Traffic Manager

As application environments become more complex, more distributed, and more virtualized, enterprises need a broader set of tools to solve performance problems for their web-based services. Pulse Secure Virtual Traffic Manager is a software-based application delivery controller (ADC) designed to deliver faster, high performance user experience, with more reliable access to public websites and enterprise applications, whether they run in a public cloud, private cloud or virtualized environment, while maximizing the efficiency and capacity of web and application servers

Enhanced User Experience

Build more attractive and responsive applications, with a fast and reliable user experience.

Higher Performance

Scale up and out for extreme performance - more than 140 Gbps from a single virtual instance.

Intelligent Clustering

Scale out with intelligent N+M clustering for reliability and throughput.

Greater Efficiency

Boost the throughput of application servers by up to 50%, by offloading SSL and compression.

Lower Costs

Combine with Pulse Secure Services Director to reduce costs with capacity-based licensing.

Cloud Portability

Native software design, for maximum portability across virtual and cloud environments.

Visibility & Control

Create business policies to differentiate service levels, with powerful TrafficScript rule builder.

Easy to Use

Intuitive Service Management, with built-in wizards for creating new services.

PulseSecure Virtual Traffic Manager comes in Two Editions - Advanced & Enterprise


Advanced edition: Includes the most common load balancing capabilities, including SSL/TLS offload, session persistence, service level monitoring, simple TrafficScript Rule Builder, and support for IPv6 and HTTP/2; and also includes capabilities such as Global Load Balancing, Route Health Injection, and customization using the powerful TrafficScript scripting language and Java Extensions; 

Enterprise edition: In addition to all the features in Advanced Edition, the Enterprise Edition adds premium Layer 7 services such as Web Content Optimization (WCO), Web Application Firewall (WAF) and FIPS compliance. 

´╗┐Feature SummaryAdvanced EditionEnterprise Edition
Load BalancingYesYes
HTTP/2 SupportYesYes
Content RoutingYesYes
Health MonitoringYesYes
Simple TrafficScript Rule BinderYesYes
SSL/TLS OffloadYesYes
HTTP CompressionYesYes
Event and Action SystemYesYes
Service ProtectionYesYes
Activity GraphsYesYes
HTTP CachingYesYes
Bandwidth ManagementYesYes
Rate ShapingYesYes
Service Level MonitoringYesYes
XML ParsingYesYes
Java ExtensionsYesYes
Multi Site ManagerYesYes
Global Load BalancingYesYes
Route Health InjectionYesYes
Web Accelerator ExpressNoYes
Web Accelerator NoYes
Web Application FirewallNoYes
Kerberos Constrained DelegationNoYes