IT Infrastructure Assistance.. The Missing Link Between Infrastructure And Application...


The APP:Link The IT Infrastructure & Application Aware Assistance Support service was our first approach and has always underpinned our service provision, but until recently we just never gave it a name and sold it. For any external IT management project, we go way beyond what is initially agreed for delivery; we include assistance and awareness for your applications in the package as well. This is just second nature / common sense to us, and it is rather unique in the industry.

Whether it be daring to support a creaky old SAN that is way out of vendor support whilst a replacement is being organised, or performing IT server migrations, specifying your Cloud provisioning, or even entire ‘lift and shifts’ of your data centres reworking all of the cabling, we don’t quit until every single last application is working – no matter what reason. Because the IT infrastructure supports the applications.

And yes the logo is sort of ‘Star Trek’ inspired, as we truly feel we boldly go where no other IT infrastructure & application support has gone before!

APP:Link On Premise

If you are an IT Manager, with a single or multiple datacenter racks to look after, our APP:Link On Premise solution can help reduce workload and streamline operations in a number of ways:

IT infrastructure - Fast response, safe pair of hands.

Call us in to visit, asses, report, repair or replace your critical site IT infrastructure. We look after your kit as if it's our own,  and are well used to working in large sites with stringent security requirements. 

Enhanced IT monitoring Assistance.

ACC can bring in additional IT monitoring systems / methodologies in order to help predict and detect where your next issue is coming from. If there is something particular custom / particular workflow or routine that needs a more involved monitoring approach, we can assist by writing custom IT monitoring scripts. The end result we want to leave you with is a panel with green blobs for all your key operating KPIs.

IT Infrastructure Assistance.

Even if some or all of your equipment is out of vendor support - perhaps you are in the process of a server migration to a new location and do not want to invest more budget in the old setup - let us help 'KTLO' or Keep The Lights On. In addition to keeping things running, we have an immense about of experience in data centre server migrations, so we would certainly add valuable input to an existing project plan, or help you build a new one.

ISP 'Equaliser'.

If you are having trouble with your ISP, in regards to connectivity issues or performance problems, and feel you are not getting the whole picture from your ISP, ACC are a company who can join in, on your side of the argument. We have heard it all before so we will be able to tell you if your ISPs claims / explanations stack up.

IT Application Assistance- Gain Advanced Application Hosting Experience, On Tap.

We have  full experience of all key components of scalable & responsive application hosting infrastructures - full stack. SAN / storage clusters / VM HyperVisors / Server Hardware / Switching / Firewalling / Traffic Management / VPNs/ Disaster Recovery Solutions / DNS and deep knowledge of many popular web application systems. 

Whether it be a temporary arrangement to help get you through a sticky patch, or something more long term on a contract basis, our APP:Link On Premise solution is the answer to your on premise problems.

APP:Link Cloud

Over the last few years many businesses have decided to take the plunge and migrate many or all of their production assets into the cloud with a view to reduce operating costs and out source part or all of their IT team. APP:Link Cloud delivers the following benefits to those brave souls who have already, or planning to go down this route:

Cloud Migration Assistance.

If you want to move to the cloud with minimal downtime, then we can help.

Cloud monitoring.

Many cloud solutions offer an IT monitoring and report service status via their own APIs and it's therefore challenging to get a single 'full landscape' reporting system which covers everything in your estate, from Desktop to Server. ACC has many custom connector scripts which enable you to feed informational status on underlying cloud infrastructure to your centralised monitoring solution. 

Off Cloud Archiving.

We have a number of solutions which can enable you both offload data from your cloud provider, or replicate to another. It's a common worry that using a cloud provider, you are no longer able to 'touch' your data, and therefore you are completely reliant (and to some extent, tied in to) your provider to ensure your data remains in tact. Replicating to other platforms, be they other clouds, or your own dedicated on premise solution is a smart move, and very much something we can help you with.

Cloud Infrastructure Assistance.

There is no metal to look after, but plenty of servers, and sometimes challenging situations where things mysteriously stop working with the cloud provider not tracking down the problem as quick as you would like. Whether it be a patch gone wrong, or something deeper, having us as an extra pair of eyes on your cloud solution can really help reduce your mean time to recover services.

Cloud Security.

Many of the security products we posses expert knowledge of have virtual editions which have been designed specifically to run in cloud environments. We can provide you with trial software solutions and trial support, to help you evaluate these more advanced security products, so you can demonstrate the effectiveness and benefits without having to get budget sign off.

Or A Bit Of Both?

Perhaps your organisation has both on Premise and cloud system, so a hybrid type of setup. In this case we would provide a hybrid type of solution, so a mix of both On Premise and Cloud APP:Link service. 

Like with APP:Link On Premise, our Cloud service can be taken up for shorter limited time periods, or something more long term on a contract basis.