Brocade Virtual Traffic Manager

The First Application Delivery Controller Designed for any Virtual or Cloud Environment

Take control of your online applications with Brocade vTM (formerly SteelApp Traffic Manager). Enhance customer experience, inspect traffic in real-time, control service levels to differentiate users and services, and reduce your costs with an extensible delivery platform that can grow with your business using ADC-as-a-Service.


Layer 7 Intelligence

  • Application-aware optimization for virtual and cloud services
  • Global load balancing with intelligent service routing
  • Inspect traffic in real time and control services levels
  • Auto-scale applications with service-level monitoring
  • Optional add-on modules for WAF, WCO and FIPS 140-2 Level 1


Build Robust, Dependable and Secure Applications

  • N+M clustering for increased reliability and scalability
  • Global load balancing even between cloud regions
  • Service-level monitoring with application auto-scaling
  • Cloud bursting and cloud balancing
  • Protect against traffic surges and unwanted requests


Fine-grained Visibility and Control

  • Bandwidth management and traffic shaping to differentiate service levels
  • Graphical views and analytics for traffic inspection
  • Customize with high-performance rules using TrafficScript
  • Service automation using REST API
  • Building-block for ADC-as-a-Service
  • Easy to use, with intuitive service management

Virtual Traffic Manager Specification - Standard Edition

Numeric model1000 series
ProfileSoftware or virtual appliance
ThroughputL-10Mbps, M-200Mbps, H-1Gbps, H1-5Gbps
SSL transactions per secondUncapped

Virtual Traffic Manager Specification - Advanced Editions

Numeric model2000 series4000 series
ProfileSoftware or virtual applianceSoftware or virtual appliance
Throughput (Gbps)L 1, M 2L 5, M 10, H 20, VH Uncapped
SSL transactions per secondUncappedUncapped