Spectra Logic T50e Tape Library

Spectra Logic T50e Tape Library Overview

By combining field-proven reliability with cutting-edge storage innovation, the Spectra® T50e gives you enterprise capabilities in a compact, 4U rackmount or desktop library. Built upon vast experience in tape automation hardware and many generations of BlueScale® software, the Spectra T50e is simply the most reliable and feature-rich solution available in the small library market today.

The T50e offers you advanced LTO technology, powerful library management, increased security through their integrated BlueScale® Encryption, plus a range of support options to suit your needs. With more innovative features than any other library in its class, the T50e easily stands out in front.

Spectra Logic T50e: Simplified Management

Designed for straightforward management, the T50e library provides you with a number of tools that ensure an effortless management experience. While alternative solutions offer minimal features to manage a tape library, Spectra T50e libraries provide software and hardware features that help save you time and reduce operational complexity.

Spectra Logic T50e: Better Reliability

Organizations with demanding and complex requirements need top-notch library performance. The Spectra T50e library is designed for minimal user intervention and management by offering the highest levels of data integrity, security, and reliability.

Spectra Logic T50e Tape Library Capacity and Throughput

MediaMax DrivesMax Slots/TapesMax CapacityMax Throughput
LTO-7450300TB (uncompressed) 750TB (compressed)4.1 TB/hr (uncompressed) 10.3 TB/hr (compressed)
LTO-6450125TB (uncompressed) 313TB (compressed)2.3 TB/hr (uncompressed) 5.8 TB/hr (compressed)