Carbonite Server Backup VM

Offer a fully integrated service that protects virtualized environments both locally and in your cloud. Carbonite Server Backup can also protect the VMs you’re hosting within your IaaS environment, opening up new revenue streams for you. With scalable backend management, there are no limits to your growth.

Carbonite Server Backup VM Edition for Service Providers is an agentless, hypervisor-level solution. It includes a multi-tenant, web-based console for configuring protection both at your clients’ sites and in your cloud. With this centralized portal and API, you can remotely manage all of your customers together. The solution also enables fast, flexible recovery of VM data in minutes.

Complete protection for VMs

Carbonite places protection for VMs exactly where it’s needed to promote rapid, remote recovery. With the solution deployed on a local server, all VM backups can be consolidated within your client’s site. Secondary offsite backup ensures VM data is always accessible.

Protect and perform

Bandwidth consumption is especially critical for managing growing environments. Carbonite uses advanced compression to reduce the size of backups and the amount of storage needed for backup. Scalable storage pools, including DAS, NAS, or SAN storage, allow you to easily scale out storage as your needs grow. Once the initial backup is complete, the solution performs forever-incremental backups, for efficient long-term retention. This enables backup frequency (RPO) as low as every 15 minutes—and RTOs of only a few minutes with local failover.

Critical capabilities

Carbonite Server Backup provides several options for recovering VM data. Flexible restore options include restoring data back to a VM host (including cross-hypervisor restore), failing over using backed up data, and granular restoration of files, folders and application data (Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, Active Directory). With local failover, you can easily spin up a test environment, verify functionality and generate a backup integrity report. The solution is agentless, saving you time and resources on each guest. Backups are taken directly from the hypervisor layer.

The solution also enables you to create separate retention policies for onsite and cloud backup. You can configure local retention at your customers’ sites, and in your cloud.

How it works

The local backup server connects to the host and creates an agentless backup of the selected VMs. The backed-up data is compressed, reducing the data footprint and accelerating uploads to secondary storage. Once seeded, the server performs incremental backups, recording only changes. The backup server updates on schedule every 15 minutes—or longer as configured—while sending changes securely on a separate schedule to secondary storage.

There are multiple options for recovering a failed VM:

  1. Restore data from the backup server to a VM host.
  2. Fail over locally by spinning up a VM using the backed-up data.
  3. Perform granular restore of files, folders or application elements.

The solution can also facilitate offsite recovery of VM data from your cloud for disaster recovery scenarios.

Complete data protection

Carbonite offers a complete Data Protection Platform to help safeguard data physical and virtual environments. This includes backup for physical servers, high availability for critical workloads, data migration solutions and endpoint protection. All Carbonite solutions feature award-winning customer service and support from certified experts.

Key features & benefits

  • Multi-tenant web portal and API
  • White labeled for easy integration into your brand
  • Image backup with forever incrementals
  • Accelerated backup using SAN access or hot-add disk mounting
  • Data compression
  • Unique encryption keys per customer or per job
  • Restore to host (ESXi, vCenter, Hyper-V, including cross-hypervisor)
  • Granular recovery (files, folders, Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, Active Directory)
  • Local failover for quick recovery and minimal downtime
  • Mount backup data for fast granular access
  • Download (VHD, VMDK, RAW, etc.)

Supported platforms


  • VMware vSphere 5.5 and greater
  • Microsoft Server Hyper-V 2008, 2012 R2 and 2016


  • All OSs and applications supported by VMware
  • All OSs and applications supported by Hyper-V

Granular Restore:

  • Files/folders
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft SQL databases and tables
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Active Directory