Spectra Logic T120

Spectra Logic T120 Overview

Designed to meet the backup, archive and deep storage requirements of demanding small and medium-sized businesses, the Spectra T120 library is easy to use, manage and maintain. The T120 scales from 30 slots up to 120, providing a maximum storage capacity of 750 TB of compressed data with LTO-6 media. With the ability to install up to 10 half-height LTO-6 tape drives, the T120 offers compressed data transfer rates up 14.4 TB per hour. With this exceptionally high-performance tape library, you will hit the backup target every time.

T120 Simplified Management

Highly flexible, the T120 allows you to start with the Enterprise-level features that you need now and scale from 30 slots up to 120, providing a storage capacity of 750TB of compressed data.

T120 Better Reliability

To ensure the viability of your data, Media Lifecycle Management (MLM) tracks and reports on health and security related statistics for Spectra Certified Media. Detailed reporting mitigates media problems and restore issues, allowing you to copy and move your data onto new tapes before degraded media affects your data.

T120 Intelligent Scaling

Adding capacity to your T120 is simple with Capacity on Demand (CoD). Start with as few as 30 slots, and as your business expands add more capacity in increments of 5 tape slots. Adding tape drives and increasing performance is simple with easy-to-configure slide-in drives.

Spectra Logic T120 Capacity and Throughput

Drive TypeMax DrivesMax Slots/TapesMax CapacityMax Throughput
LTO-710120720TB (uncompressed), 1.8PB (compressed)10.3TB/hr (uncompressed), 25.7TB/hr (compressed)
LTO-610120300TB (uncompressed), 750TB (compressed)5.8TB/hr (uncompressed), 14.4TB/hr (compressed)