We're A Chameleon

Whatever Your Background, Our Solutions Blend In

At ACC we work with many different sectors of industry, a real cross section. For more information on some of our most prominent work areas, please click on the relevant link below or select it from the click down menu above. 

Being a trusted, highly accurate and skilled organisation makes ACC the ideal partner for those in the Aerospace and Defense sector.

From us you will find many high performance solutions that are secure, reliable and with low management overhead, the three properties engineering organisations look most for in solutions.

Budgetary constraints don't always mean compromises on the effectiveness of a solution. ACC are masters at doing more with less, so if you are in education, and are not happy with effectiveness of your existing technology, but are worried about the cost of replacing it - you need to give us a call!

It's true that 'Enterprise functionality' has well and truly broken out of the 'Enterprise' - for example, most of us now benefit from the use of Enterprise grade encryption when using our mobile phones. When we talk about Enterprise sector expertise, of course we are referring to particular technologies, but perhaps more importantly, how these technologies can be set up in such a way they can run as a 'service' component to the Enterprise, and 'cross charged' to departments within the Enterprise.

We talk to more and more CEOs and CFOs what are wanting us to help them transform IT departments from loss generating divisions, to efficient cross department service entities. 

There is no secret to success when working in this sector. Top of the requirements list is the need to have minute attention to detail to ensure that everything goes smoothly on run up and also on the big day. Next is the equally essential quality of being highly responsive, so that if needed - for whatever emergency, there is someone from our side prepared just in case. So our customers in this sector have one less thing to worry about and this means they can focus on what's most important to them, the event itself.

There's no more prominent a time in either legal or finance sectors to ensure that data is safe, and is stored in compliance with regulations. However technology has a habit of out pacing regulations, so this puts the CIO in a difficult position on being the most secure, but at the same time, fully compliant. It's crazy, but commonly, the two are not the same. ACC work with the very best vendors in the security space, and where we are leading & exceeding regulations, we work tirelessly to create precedents that prove compliance. 

Retail is an extremely demanding sector to operate in, and in many ways - it's a culmination of all the skills we have learnt from all the sectors we work with. There is a requirement to keep running costs down in order to maintain competitive, but at the same time, online retail solutions need to be highly responsive, secure and fully compliant with 3rd party payment gateways. You can be assured that ACC are the best placed solution provider to give your online retail outlet the very best chance of success.