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Admin By Request 3.8 Release - Local Admin Policies Have Arrived!

by Jeff Rhys-Jones on 20 June 2017 13:52pm : 2601

'Throw Down', 'Round The World' Or 'Walk The Dog'. How In Control Of Local Admin Do You Want To Be?

We're excited to announce today the release of Admin By Request version 3.8, which brings both multi lingual support, plus also the important addition of policies to the ABR product feature set.

Previously with ABR, the network administrator would set the 'approval mode' to either be 'Allow Without Pre-Approval' or 'Request each time'. For most environments, this simple mode selection was fine, however some more complex environments there was a need to set different approval modes for different users. 

For example, a developer who needed Local Admin rights to view logs on his development laptop - you would want to set this guy to auto approval, meaning he can elevate himself as and when he needs to. A member of the sales team, who needs to install some software or an update - you might not be so keen to give auto approval, so for them IT will need to check first, before allowing elevation. 

The policy system goes further still, and also lets IT decide what applications are allowed to be elevated, and equally as important, those that are not. By default when someone obtains elevation access, they are running everything on their system essentially as admin. IT can create a policy that denies certain applications - for instance, Internet Explorer, to run whilst the system is in an elevated state - for obvious reasons.

So we would encourage all IT administrators to check out Admin By Request - once you give it a go we'll sure you'll be doing 'Loop The Loops' in no time at all!

Want to give it a try? Visit our ABR microsite here, or alternatively, download a free trial direct from the AdminByRequest website.




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