Oracle VM Hosting: It's Big, It's Red, And It Could Save You Some Serious Bread!

APPHost: Oracle VM Hosting

ACC Yotta are Oracle Gold partners, and have been working with Oracle VM, way back since Oracle acquired the truly awesome Virtual Iron XEN based VM solution. Back in July 2012, ACC gained the auspicious accolade of becoming the very first Oracle Gold partner in the UK the achieve the highly respected ‘specialised’ status for Oracle VM. 

We have experienced Oracle VM through its rapidly improving iterations – now at version 3.4, which includes a raft of new features including storage 'vMotion' type functionality. For the latest skinny on what's up with 3.4, please see the ‘Release Notes’ document to the right of this article.

For production deployments, we would recommend Oracle Sun Servers which come with Oracle VM Support included, and we have a number of storage options for you to choose from. Because every requirement is different, we would ask you to please get in touch so we can build you the best fit solution for your requirements, we’re confident you won’t find any other Oracle VM Private Cloud solution that is more expert, and more affordable that with us.


Oracle VM Hosted 'DevOps' Solution

We have recently 'discovered' a new type of Oracle VM hosting requirement – for development & proof of concept solutions. Being a developer focused company, we think an ultra-low cost, single server solution could be a great alternative to shoehorning Oracle VM into a local server at work, or even attempting to set it up at a cloud provider. 

If you think that asking your I.T. people for an Oracle VM test/dev solution will likely result in witty retorts such as:

"Sure, would like me to build you a test Hadron Collider also?" 

Then for sure, you don't want to go there. Bypass I.T. jail, and proceed directly to GO with us!!!

Our ‘DevOps’ starter solution for Oracle VM includes the following – all of which can be upgraded on request:

  •  Fully Dedicated x86 Server, 1 X E3-1200 v3, 16GB RAM, dual PSU
  • 1TB hardware RAID 1 local storage
  • Dedicated secure vLAN for Management, vGuest networks
  • Oracle VM Manager running ‘inside’ VM Node
  • Full remote control ‘iLO’ plus KVM over IP of server
  • Public IP
  • SSL VPN for secure access to Oracle VM Manager interface
  • PRTG Monitoring
  • Racked in our Tier 3 datacentre 
  • Oracle Support for Oracle VM (Optional)

We think this is the perfect platform for developing your software solution for Oracle VM, perhaps building Oracle VM Assemblies or VM templates.

Due to the nature of DevOps, we know project timelines are never set in stone, so we understand it’s not possible to commit to any long term annual contracts. We are fine to provide this service to developers, on a month by month basis.

This solution is very competitively priced and is for developers ONLY! 

Cost (FROM) £150+VAT / month

If you are interested, please get in touch, but remember developers only so be prepared to dazzle us with your developer skills on application!!!!

p.s. code samples such as below will NOT cut it!!!

10 PRINT "Hello, I'm the Commodore 64 - What is your name ";:INPUT A$
20 PRINT "Hello " A$
30 END