FastTrack Outlook Signatures

Make Every Email Sell Your Story!

FastTrack Automation Studio Outlook Signature Edition, allows you to easily design and deploy a corporate Outlook signature based on a myriad of intelligent rules and conditions. The visual designer is similar to Microsoft Word and lets you pick any Active Directory (also works with Azure AD and Office 365) attribute to use - including photos. You can copy an existing Outlook signature and simply replace static values taken from your AD. Unlike other signature solutions, you do NOT need to install any kind of management suite that needs integration into your Active Directory. You simply build a self-contained exe or MSI file for clients. Or you can set up a logon script using a wizard that includes your FastTrack created Outlook signature.

Fasttrack's unique banner add system enables marketing managers to create, place, deploy and track marketing messages directly within staff email signatures! 

SIX Reasons Why FastTrack Beats The Competition:

If you are considering FastTrack for Outlook Signature management along side other solutions out there - please bear in mind the following when making your final decision: 

1) No limitation on Outlook Signature editors: Unlike competitive solutions, FastTrack does not charge you any additional fee to access our WYSIWYG Outlook Signature editor. 

2) What You See Is What You Send (WYSIWYS)! : Most competitive Outlook Signature solutions do not actually enable you to see the signature you are going to send, instead, the signature is ‘stamped’ on at the server end. With FastTrack, you can see exactly what is being sent, before you send it.

3) Ease of deployment: Once you have built a signature, deploying it to your workforce, whether they are on server or off, is as easy as running an EXE, or silently installing an MSI. There is nothing else to it – no server software or re-configuring of Exchange server required!

4) Signature self-service: Many other competing Outlook Signature solutions read user data directly off your Microsoft Server ‘Active Directory’ – requiring a perfectly populated, centralised server system to work. FastTrack can do this too – however, crucially, with FastTrack, you have the option to enable users to enter (and re-enter) their own details by themselves, so they won’t need to call I.T. to get their details populated, or updated.

5) Per user licensing - NOT per mailbox: With FastTrack, a per user means you can connect to as many mailboxes you like (Gmail, Exchange etc) and still only pay a single license. Competitive solutions are licensed on a per mailbox so for people with multiple mailboxes, costs can quickly ramp up.

And last but not least.....

6) Way more than just signatures: It's a crucial point. With Enterprise and Platinum editions, remember you get far more functionality included in addition to Outlook Signatures (Logon Scripts, Software Distribution, Inventory, MSI repackaging) all of these additional functionalities will empower your IT people to greatly enhance the running of your entire business. So before you decide what to buy - make sure your I.T. know this. 

Design, Deploy, Sell!

Fasttracks Outlook Signature designer is very similar to MS Word, however this designer is optimised to ensure that signatures are as compatible with multiple email platforms as possible. Customers have reported great results on many different platforms, PC, Mac, iphone or Android phones too. Once you graphics are in place, if you have user details pre-populated in either Microsoft Active Directory, or Azure AD, you can simply drag and drop placeholders on to your design, ensuring that anyone on your network assigned to that signature, gets their details automatically populated, no editing required.

If you are off network, or have a hybrid setup where some staff work from home and are not joined to your domain controller,  FastTrack is unique in having MSI or EXE deployment systems for signature to be either manually installed or silently depending on the options set. This means that ALL staff get covered - so no branding 'air gaps!'.


Why not take FastTrack Outlook Signatures for a spin, and download the 14 day free trial. The system is very easy to deploy, but if you do need help or even some advice on design  - please get in touch!