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ACCs Got A Lotta Yotta New Website!!!

by Jeff Rhys-Jones on 25 February 2016 15:23pm : 1804

Dear all,

Just a quick word to say a big YOTTA sized WELCOME to our brand new website, created by our awesome development partners, Beyond Local Ltd. I was so happy with their work, I wanted to send them a glowing endorsement, accompanied with and a photo of myself smiling goo-ishly at camera, ipad in hand. Alas they sadly insist on using another similarly happy customer shot on their home page instead. I am growing a beard, as appears to be the trend these days (every one male in ads must have a beard these days) so hopefully in time it will be bushy / trendy enough for them to oust 'Ms Perfect' in place of 'Mr Perfectionist'.

Back to the website! Here at ACC we’ve been doing a bit of 'tiding up' over the last six months. You’ll be glad to know that we’ve got our ‘Yotta’ back, which means a new,  de-hyphenated URL, easier to remember social media handles, and of course, as we are talking Yottas again, it’s great to re-remind people of our speciality in the realms of provisioning gigantic storage solutions. If your organisation is in need of a huge storage cluster, cold storage archive (aka 'dark-ive') then please talk to us, we can provide you a Yotta-load of it.

It needs to be said, that since we started way back in 2008, it's true we have been utterly rubbish at one thing - telling people about the stuff we do, and much more about the great products and the vendors behind them. It’s a wildly know fact that ACC work with vendors far closer than typical IT partner / resellers – but much of this advanced work all goes on behind the scenes. Hopefully through our new website and blog, you’ll be able to see hard evidence of some of the truly excellent stuff we are working on with our select vendor partners.

I don’t want to bore you with any more – the new site should speak for itself, so why not take a look around? Please let us know what you think, we'd love to hear from you!

Right. Off to trim the beard - does anyone know how long it takes to break through the itchy phase?


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