Palo Alto Networks - Aperture

Securely Enabling SaaS Adoption

Secure your business-critical data residing within enterprise SaaS applications with Aperture. With SaaS security capabilities across our Next-Generation Security Platform, you now have complete visibility and reporting, instant classification, and granular enforcement across users, folders and file activities–so you can protect the data in your SaaS applications.

Platform Approach to SaaS Security

Aperture™ SaaS security service delivers CASB (cloud access security broker) capabilities by connecting directly to SaaS applications. This way you never lose visibility into your data or applications and can apply granular policy and control at all times. Effective SaaS security can’t be achieved with layered point products. Meet your cloud security needs with the Palo Alto Networks® Next-Generation Security Platform, including our Next-Generation Firewall, which inspects all traffic – including applications, threats and content – and ties it to the user, regardless of location or device type.

Protect Enterprise SaaS Apps

Data resident within enterprise-enabled SaaS applications may not be visible to an organization’s network perimeter. Aperture can connect directly to sanctioned SaaS applications to provide:

  • Data classification and monitoring
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capabilities
  • User activity tracking for anomalies
  • Known and unknown malware prevention

This yields unparalleled visibility, allowing organizations to inspect content for data risk violations and control access to shared data via a contextual policy.

Advanced Threat Prevention

WildFire® threat analysis service integration with Aperture provides advanced threat prevention to block known malware and identify and block unknown malware. This extends the WildFire service’s existing integration to prevent threats from spreading through the sanctioned SaaS applications, preventing a new insertion point for malware. 

New malware discovered by Aperture is shared with the rest of the Next-Generation Security Platform, even if it is not in-line with the SaaS applications.

Experience the Platform: New SaaS Security Capabilities

Watch a detailed demo of the new SaaS security capabilities in PAN-OS® 8.0 and Aperture, including:

  • Enhanced SaaS visibility and reporting
  • Creation of SaaS security policies for unsanctioned and sanctioned applications
  • Prevention of malware with WildFire integration
  • Automated risk remediation