Palo Alto - Traps Advanced Endpoint Protection

Palo Alto Networks: Traps Advanced Endpoint Protection

Palo Alto Networks® Traps™ advanced endpoint protection replaces legacy antivirus with multi-method prevention built into a single, lightweight agent that secures endpoints from known and unknown malware and exploits. On its own, or as part of the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform, Traps stops targeted, sophisticated threats like ransomware without reliance on signatures. 

Multi-Method Malware Prevention

Traps prevents the launching of malicious executables, DLLs and Office files with a unique, multi-method prevention approach that reduces the attack surface and increases the accuracy of malware prevention. This approach combines several methods to prevent known and unknown malware from infecting endpoints. Traps examines hundreds of the file’s characteristics in a  fraction of a second, without reliance on signatures, scanning or behavioral analysis. 

Multi-Method Exploit Prevention

Each exploit must use a series of exploitation techniques to successfully manipulate an application. Instead of focusing on the millions of individual attacks, Traps focuses on key exploit techniques typically used by all exploit-based attacks. By preventing one, Traps breaks the attack lifecycle and renders the threat ineffective. Traps delivers exploit prevention using multiple methods.

Next-Generation Security Platform

As an integral component of the Next-Generation Security Platform, Traps shares and receives threat intelligence from WildFire. Each component of the platform (such as next-generation firewalls and Traps) that is deployed among the global community of Palo Alto Networks customers continuously shares threat intelligence with WildFire. Traps customers receive access to this threat intelligence as well as the complete set of WildFire malware analysis capabilities.