PRTG Network Monitor

PRTG Network Monitor


• Network monitoring for professionals
• Installed in 2 minutes
• Automatically discovers your network
• Monitors your network 24/7
• Alerts you before emergencies occur
• Used by 150,000 administrators worldwide

PRTG Network Monitor fits into any budget and grows with your needs. Try PRTG now and see how it can make your network more reliable and your job easier. Everything you need is contained in one simple installer, no additional downloads are required.

PRTG Trusted Every Day

More than 150,000 administrators rely on PRTG Network Monitor every day to monitor their LANs, WANs, servers, websites, appliances, URLs, and more

Network problems create business emergencies. When the network goes down, employees can't read emails. Customers can't purchase the product. Work stops. Network monitoring helps you keep your business healthy:

  • Avoid expensive outages
  • Address bottlenecks before they cause problems
  • Reduce costs by buying only the hardware you need

Stop wasting time putting out fires. Start building the future foundations of your business. You'll be less stressed and your colleagues will consider you a hero.

PRTG Bandwidth Monitoring

PRTG Network Monitor runs on a Windows machine within your network, collecting various statistics from the machines, software, and devices which you designate. (It can also autodiscover them, helping you map out your network.) It also retains the data so you can see historical performance, helping you react to changes.

PRTG comes with an easy-to-use web interface which lets you plan for network expansion, see what applications are using most of your connection, and make sure that no one is hogging the entire network just to torrent videos.

PRTG can collect data for almost anything of interest on your network. It supports multiple protocols for collecting this data:

  • SNMP and WMI
  • Packet Sniffing
  • NetFlow, IPFIX, jFlow, and sFlow

PRTG Know When Things Break

PRTG Network Monitor includes more than 200 sensor types for all common network services, including HTTP, SMTP/POP3 (email), FTP, etc. But what is a sensor? One sensor within PRTG is one aspect that you monitor on a device. For example a specific URL, the traffic of a network connection, a port of a switch or the CPU load on a machine. Please have a look at the list of supported sensor types. Every entry in this list counts as one sensor. Normally, we are calculating with between 5 and 10 sensors per device, but of course that depends on what exactly you want to monitor.

We can alert you to outages before your users even notice them, including via email, SMS, or pager. Even better, after you use PRTG to track request times and uptime for a few months, you can optimize your network such that the pager never rings again. PRTG can print reports showing how good a job you are doing. (Tell your boss that your 100% uptime last quarter deserves a raise. We'll even print you the report to do it with.)


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PRTG System Requirements

SENSORS PER CORE SERVER<1,000<2,500<5,000<10,000More than 10,000
USER ACCOUNTS<30<30<20<10Contact pre-sales team
REMOTE PROBES<30<30<30<30Contact pre-sales team
CORES2358Contact pre-sales team
RAM3GB5GB8GB16GBContact pre-sales team
DISK SPACE**250GB500GB1TB2TBContact pre-sales team
VIRTUALIZATIONYesYesNot RecommendedNot SupportedContact pre-sales team
PRTG CLUSTERYesYesNot RecommendedNot SupportedContact pre-sales team

*   Most PRTG users have 10 sensors per device on average.

** 1 Year Data Retention