Allied Telesis VC Stack

Virtual Chassis Stacking (VCStack™)

Using Allied Telesis VCStack™ in your network allows multiple switches to appear as a single virtual chassis.

In normal operation, this virtual chassis acts as a single switch, simplifying management. The diagram shows link aggregation between the core VCStack and the edge switches. With link aggregation across ports on different virtual chassis members, there is no perceptible disruption in the case of a link failure, and the full bandwidth of the network remains available. Fast failover ensures absolutely minimal network downtime in the event of a problem.

VCStack and link aggregation provide a solution where network resources are spread across the virtual chassis members, ensuring device and path resiliency. Virtualization of the network core ensures uninterrupted access to information when needed.

An Allied Telesis VCStack can even be spread over long distance, as the option of fiber stacking connectivity means that stack member do not have to be collocated, but can be kilometers apart. A long distance VCStack is perfect for distributed network environments or data-mirroring solutions.