Spectra Logic Blue Scale

Spectra Logic BlueScale

BlueScale®, the common software interface for all Spectra tape libraries, brings enterprise command and control features unparalleled in the tape market. Available through the library’s on-board LCD color touchscreen and remote web access with a web browser, BlueScale is an easy-to-navigate interface built into Spectra libraries that enables library features to work easily, flexibility and safely with your data.

A single BlueScale user interface manages an entire tape library without any external servers or software. BlueScale manages your library, configurations, partitions, encryption keys and all library and media health monitoring. By consolidating all management functions in a single interface, you save time managing the library and lower costs by eliminating the need for additional resources.

Unparalleled operator efficiency
The BlueScale management interface offers you unparalleled operator efficiency, giving you the ability to manage all library features including:

  • Tape media with Media Lifecycle Management (MLM)
  • Drives, robotics and other hardware components with Library Lifecycle Monitoring Management (LLM)
  • Encryption and encryption keys with BlueScale Encryption
  • Integrity of data with Data Integrity Verification (DIV)

While alternative solutions typically require a variety of resources to manage a single tape library, a single BlueScale user interface manages an entire library without any external servers, reducing operational complexity. This consolidated approach also eliminates costs associated with personnel, additional equipment, software license charges and increased power and cooling requirements of extra hardware. You can easily upgrade your library using BlueScale—just enter an activation key to enable more capacity. The BlueScale software itself is also continually improved. Software updates are easy to install and free to customers with an active SpectraGuard service contract.

Enhanced Support
For rapid and efficient diagnosis, BlueScale AutoSupport provides a “phone home” function informing the Spectra Logic SpectraGuard Support Team of problems.


BlueScale FeaturesDescriptionTCO Impact
Add Capacity on Demand(CoD)Instant access to library capacity through key codeReduce costs
Auto Drive CleaningTrack and automatically clean drives to reduce errorsImprove reliability
AutoSupportAutomatically notify SpectraGuard support of any library status or alertReduce costs, Improve reliability
Assisted Self MaintenanceOn-site parts that customers can install in event of upgrade, failureReduce risk, lower management costs
Command Line InterfaceProviding direct library control for customers with custom backup requirementsIncreased flexibility protecting against obsolescence
Configuration ManagementTrack hardware configuration, network dataReduce costs
Controlled User AccessDefine who can access the library and their privilegesEnsure data integrity
Robotics Control FlexibilityNew technologies simply snap into existing boxesReduce cost
Data Integrity VerificationEnsures data is written without errorEnsure data integrity
Graphical Touch Screen InterfaceIntuitive touch screenReduce costs
Guided ConfigurationGraphical interface that guides user through install, configurationReduce costs
Library Lifecycle ManagementTracks and notifies you when maintenance tasks are required for key library componentsReduce costs, Improve reliability
Manage Media in GroupsTeraPack Magazines let customers handle media in groups rather than one-by-oneReduce costs
Media Lifecycle ManagementProactive management for tape media significantly reduces errorsReduce costs, Ensure data integrity
Mixed Media in One library"Identify, handle multiple media generations in a single libraryIncrease flexibility protecting against obsolescence, Reduce costs
PartitioningMultiple libraries in one through SLSReduce costs
Redundant ComponentsWith multiple power supplies and more, library operates even if component failsImprove reliability
Remote Library ControllerWeb-based controller (Web interface), detailed library management from anywhereReduce costs
Rotation ManagerIntegrates exported TeraPack bar-coding into backup software applicationsReduce costs
Drive Throughput IndicatorTracks drive performance to help eliminate bottlenecksReduce costs
Power ConsumptionAllows customers to see how much power Spectra Logic tape libraries are consumingReduce costs
Data EncryptionAllows customers to encrypt data and manage encryption keysEnsure data Integrity