LiteSpeed Web ADC

Litespeed Web ADC

Litespeed Wed ADC is a highly efficient and cost-effective product. In comparison to its competitors, with hardware and software at higher loads, and with the flexible subscription model, Litespeed ADC offers almost instant, on-demand scaling adaptable to any ADC business needs, whether it be during temporary, seasonal or routine peaks. The 100% software solution can operate anywhere – private dedicated hardware, hosted environments, clouds etc.

The core component of Litespeed’s Web ADC technology is their Edge Side Caching capability, which provides both public and private (per user) flexible cache mechanisms that allow integrated (cached) page assembly without backend access. This functionality is further complemented by their HTTP/2 and QUIC features and their SSL/TLS offloading capability. The flexible load balancing algorithm offers optimal performance and is configurable to match virtually every deployment.

For strengthened security settings, Litespeed Web ADC can connect securely with HTTPS backends whilst also providing faster HTTP connevtivity when Edge encryption is sufficient. Other features include Web Application Firewall Protection (compatible with mod_security), LAYER-7 Anti-DDoS Filtering, IP level bandwidth and request rate throttling. 

Litespeed and ACC Yotta

 ACC Yotta now deploy LiteSpeed ADC (LS ADC) as our stock Web Application Delivery Controller to all our dedicated APP:Host customers. LS ADC has no physical licence limit on SSL connections or bandwidth, and is therefore highly competitive when compared to other ADC solutions. In addition, LS ADC includes the latest HTTP2.0 technology including QUIC and PageSpeed support. The mod_rewrite engine can be applied to whole sites/virtual hosts or on a context level. Litespeed ADC also ships with a fully featured Web Application Firewall (WAF), bandwidth throttling VHost/per client throttling control, allow and deny list access control, authentication realm support and comprehensive WAF rule set (Apache mod_security) included in the cost. LS ADC is a full feature application delivery controller that, in our view, represents unrivalled price/performance combination.