Caringo Swarm

Caringo Swarm: Searchable Storage for the Cloud Age

Caringo, the world leader in object storage, leverages simple, emergent behavior with decentralized coordination, turning standard hardware into a reliable and searchable pool of scalable storage resources. Offered as a complete software appliance, Swarm provides a platform for data protection, management, organization and search at massive scale. You no longer need to migrate data into disparate solutions for long-term preservation, delivery and analysis. Consolidate all files on Swarm, find the data you are looking for quickly, and reduce total cost of ownership by continuously evolving hardware and optimizing use of your resources.

Caringo Swarm: Simple. Bulletproof. Limitless.

Swarm radically simplifies your ability to apply the value of data in an actionable way and installs on any mix of standard hardware, seamlessly scaling from terabytes to hundreds of petabytes with rapid bare metal deployment. Data management is automated from creation to expiration resulting in storage that adapts to your business.

Swarm offers a bulletproof platform so that you can meet even the most stringent business and compliance requirements. Swarm is the only object storage solution to offer compliance features like WORM, Legal Hold, and integrity seals and the ability to seamlessly shift between protection methods automatically enforced by policies.

Swarm delivers a limitless solution where scaling of capacity and throughput are combined with universal access and the industry's most flexible deployment options. Swarm is offered as software you run in your own data center(s), as softwareas-a-service in any of Microsoft Azure’s data centers or as a fully managed service within BT or Telefonica’s data centers.

Data Service Enablement. See Your Data in New Ways & Make it Actionable.



Swarm seamlessly integrates with Windows® and NetApp® file servers, has a native HTTP 1.1 based interface, supports the Amazon S3 API and serves as a foundation for new data services.


Search is where Swarm really shines. Add custom metadata, automatically capture file system attributes on ingest and query across all stored files at once through a web-based UI or management API.


Analyze your search results with seamless migration of queries to leading intelligence applications like Hadoop®, Spark®, logstash and Kibana.

Infrastructure Management. It’s Not Just About Scaling. It’s About Simple Scale.



Booting from bare metal, Swarm includes all operating system and services needed. It runs everything from RAM, leaving 95% of hard drive capacity for files and includes our patented Darkive™ adaptive power conservation technology which lowers power consumption by up to 70%.


With flexible deployment, you can add tenants and sites at any time. Swarm runs on any standard hardware or disk size and is highly available by design—supporting hot plug drives, adding/retiring disks/nodes and rolling upgrades of the full software stack—all with no service downtime.


Optimize the use of your resources based on the value of your information with continuous protection, using replication or erasure coding at a single site or at multiple sites. We focus on fast, proactive recovery so your files will be there when you need them. Compliance features like WORM, integrity seals and legal hold come built in.


We will be there when you need us and offer 24x7 worldwide support with professional services to guide you every step of the way. We also have proactive support available monitor the health of your cluster and contact you if we see any issues.