APP:Host Hosting for JBoss, Magento, MongoDB, Sharepoint, Splunk, WordPress

APP:Host Other Hosting Solutions (including MS Sharepoint, Wordpress, MongoDB, Magento, JBOSS, Splunk)

Having been in the hosting business for nearly ten years, there are many applications which we have learnt to host in order to help out customers. Frequently, it's a case of we are given one requirement (for instance, a Sharepoint setup) and later on, another comes along, so perhaps high custom application built for deployment with JBOSS. The two applications could not be more different, but it's important to the customer to have them run together in the same secure hosting environment. The last thing they want is their online application estate to be spread all over the place. 

If it requires us to do a little more work in order to simplify your life, then this is what will happen.

Other Hosting solutions that we regularly implement are Magento, MongoDB, Splunk and WordPress.

But just because your application, or application platform is not listed here, please do not assume that it's not something we can help with. 

The best policy is always to get and touch with us and we can discuss: