Bitdefender: Be A Bit Selfish. Save Yourself.

Bitdefender: They Say...

The company is an industry pioneer, introducing and developing award-winning protection since 2001. Today, Bitdefender technology secures the digital experience of 500 million home and corporate users across the globe.

Top international testing organizations and world-renowned software reviewers acknowledge Bitdefender's solutions as the world's most effective. In January 2015, Bitdefender won AV-Comparatives' Product of the Year a second time, taking Gold awards in Proactive Malware Detection for its industry-leading heuristics, Real World Detection for accurate performance in real-life situations and Malware Removal for its thorough disinfection. At the same time, Bitdefender's nearly undetectable impact on system performance won it Best Overall Speed.

Bitdefender: Our Review...

Quite a while ago, we coined the phrase ‘The best technology is transparent’ and there is no better example of this than BitDefender's AntiVirus products. Frequently awarded best Anti Virus solution in the press, we understand why Bitdefender is time and time again, the security reviewers choice.

Naturally, Anti Virus products have to work, but at the same time, they have to ensure you can too. We have found the product highly effective and it runs without impacting your day which is what people want from an Anti Virus solution.

BitDefender handles Viruses, Malware and also provides content and device control too. If you have an estate made up of hardware servers and desktop / laptops – then the cloud edition of BitDefenders control centre ‘Gravity Zone’ is the recommended option. For managing large numbers of VMs & mobile devices, we recommend taking Gravity Zone ‘on premise’.

Mid last year there were some issues with a Windows update that caused varying degrees of havoc with a small number of customers running BitDefender (including ourselves!) but patches were forthcoming relatively quickly, and everything has been fine ever since. It certainly gave us a great opportunity to test BitDefenders support!

Bitdefender Products


Bitdefender GravityZone - Advanced Business Security

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Bitdefender GravityZone - Business Security

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