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Alt-N Technologies develops email and email security software for the global SMB market. Founded in 1996, its products are trusted by small-to-medium businesses in over 90 countries and 25 languages. The company's flagship products, MDaemon Messaging Server and SecurityGateway for Email Servers can be deployed in hosted cloud or private on-premise environments. Alt-N products include the latest email encryption and security technologies and require minimal support and administration to operate and maintain. The company uses a network of global distributors and resellers for the sale and support of its products.

Alt-n: Our Review...

Quite often it’s tempting in production environments to use standard SMTP relays to forward mail to external email servers, application generated mail in particular such as password reminders / sign up forms. It may seem trivial to some, but a poorly performing SMTP solution can cause havoc with applications, and with developers if email delivery suddenly goes pear shaped.

Rather than sending hours trawling through email logs, ALT-Ns SMTP relay on steroids, Security Gateway, is an excellent product which in addition to providing an extra layer of security, gives the user a fantastic amount of reporting, and easy log searching / viewing system.

ALT-Ns main product and MS Exchange alternative is our own product of choice for Enterprise Email, enabling us to provide a powerful multi-tenanted & full blown ‘Exchange-Like’ email solutions to customers, without all the hassle and overhead of a full blown Exchange Server.

alt-n Products


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